Randox Food Diagnostics has launched a new test for winemakers, Free SO2

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Randox Food Diagnostics has launched a new test for winemakers, Free SO2, adding to an already extensive wine testing range. A leading provider of testing solutions for the food, wine and beverage industries, Randox Food Diagnostics already provide tests for multiple parameters including malic/acetic/lactic acid, NOPA & ammonia, potassium, copper, ethanol and glucose/fructose amongst others.

Sulphur Dioxide or SO2 is a compound used in winemaking, to protect from the negative effects of oxygen exposure as well as spoilage microorganisms. However, due to the unique nature of each individual wine, those running the fermentation and quality process cannot simply add a generic or standard amount of SO2. The levels added are affected by the amount of SO2 that becomes bound to compounds in the wine, and this in turn is determined by the pH levels. 

The Randox Food Diagnostics Free SO2 kit has excellent performance statistics with a sensitivity of 3.1 mg/L and linearity of 150 mg/L. Measuring sulphites in wine is important for a number of reasons. If levels exceed 10mg/L producers must include a statement on the label, as sulphites can aggravate allergies and intolerances. Wine exporters must also bear in mind variations in national regulatory thresholds. 

Wine Business Manager for Randox Food Diagnostics, Janine McMullan said, “Having recently launched our Total Sulphites kit we are pleased to complete the picture with Free SO2. This is an important time in the wine calendar and with harvest time approaching or many wineries we are excited to have the kit ready for use. Suitable for wineries of all sizes the RX monza is our most popular analyser so it is great that its testing capabilities are increased with this new release. Randox Food Diagnostics is committed to expanding our range of tests and meeting the needs of wineries across the globe.

Gary Smith

Marketing Team

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