Randox Food Diagnostics has launched a new screening kit to analyse the content of Iron in wine.

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Randox Food Diagnostics has launched a new screening kit to analyse the content of Iron in wine. The Iron analysis kit is the most comprehensive on the market to date and has been developed following requests from wine producers globally.

Iron is among the most common elements on earth, so there is little surprise that traces of it are found in wine. Grapes naturally contain low levels of iron, in the 0-5mg/l range, however the iron content of the soil and contamination occurring from contact with steel or iron equipment can further increase iron levels. 

It is vital for wine producers to be able to accurately assess the amount of iron present in wine as it has a significant impact on taste, texture and appearance. Whilst it is an important component in the winemaking process as it helps oxidation, wines containing more than 6 mg/l iron are at risk of casse instability which may require treatment with SO2, ascorbic acid or potassium ferricyanide.

Misdiagnosis of instability related to iron levels is common and can lead to winemakers adding to wines unnecessarily when trying to correct the instability.  Randox Food Diagnostics new iron kit will provide winemakers with highly accurate analysis of the iron content of wine during the winemaking process. 

Wine Business Manager, Janine McMullan commented, 

“We continue to strive towards giving wine producers the tools they need to comprehensively analyse their wines and make them the best they can be. The launch of the Iron analysis kit comes hot on the heels of the release of our Glycerol kit and for us is another step towards providing winemakers with a complete wine analysis. Watch out for further development to come in 2015, including Citric Acid analysis and the new RX monza II analyser.”

The iron analysis kit is now available worldwide. For more information please contact enquiries@randoxfood.com.


Gary Smith

Marketing Team

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