As World Antibiotics Week 2017 continues today we’re looking at antibiotic screening in feed samples

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As World Antibiotics Week 2017 continues today we’re looking at antibiotic screening in feed samples. Randox Food are at hand to assist the agricultural industries and facilitate the use of a trusted, reliable screening method for antibiotics in feed with tailored solutions available to ensure that your end product is antibiotic free.

Antibiotic use in animals has seen some major developments in the past 5 years with the use of antibiotics in poultry decreased by 71% overall;

  • 2012-2015 – halved macrolide use
  • 2012-2015 – reduced tetracycline use by 47%
  • 2013-2015 – reduced amoxicillin use by 45%
  • 2014-2015 – reduced fluoroquinolone use by 52%

Previously, antibiotics were routinely added to animal feed, in 2005, this was banned by the European Commission (1831/2003/EC). Adding low levels of antibiotics enhanced the time taken to finish animals for processing, however this practice had the potential to increase antimicrobial resistance. More recently, the Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA) have banned the use of in-feed antibiotics, unless they have been prescribed to treat a specific illness.

Randox Food Diagnostics offer comprehensive screening methods for the detection of antibiotic residues within feed samples. The screening of antibiotic drug residues in feed helps secure the global supply chain, ensuring that these residues cannot be passed into the end product. The AMII Plus array allows for the detection of 35 antibiotic residues, including tetracyclines and quinolones, from a single sample of feed. Along with our dedicated antibiotic test kits, Randox Food offers mycotoxin screening for feed, validated across a range of matrices including seeds, silage and TMR. 

For more information on the antibiotic screening arrays available, contact to find out how Randox Food can simplify your screening practices today.



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