Germany is looking forward to a “good” 2016 vintage with slightly below-average yields after excellent late summer weather compensated for wet conditions earlier in the season, the German Wine Institu...

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As the main harvest gets under way, growers in Germany´s wine regions are looking forward to a good level of quality in their grapes, with ripening having improved “enormously” in the past few weeks thanks to consistent warm, sunny weather. The forecasted dry autumn is allowing growers a relaxed picking of the different varieties at optimal grape maturity.

The main harvest kicked off across most German wine regions over the past few days, with early-ripening varieties such as Müller-Thurgau and Dornfelder being picked first, followed by the Pinot varieties.

Harvesting of the later-ripening Riesling will probably stretch until the end of October, weather conditions permitting. A long ripening period with warm days and cool nights promotes the aromatic development of the grapes, resulting in the fruit-driven wines that are characteristic of the wines of Germany.

The German Wine Institute (DWI) said that harvest volumes will be lower than average this year due to the extremely wet weather in early summer, which is expected to result in lower yields owing to instances of downy mildew.

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